3in1 ABC, 123, and colors Flash cards.

A wonderful travel size flash card set.
This kit is a wonderful gift idea for a teacher or child in early development stages !

Printed on Archival Photo paper. Matte or Shiny
( depends which type is in stock at time of order)

Each card is INDIVIDUALLY HAND CUT with a guillotine paper cuter.
This is alot of manual labor.

The Set includes
1. 26 letters of the alphabet with upper & lower case + illustrations for each.
2.Numbers from 1 through 10 with Illustrations
3.Ten essential colors and their names along with color swatches for recognition.

Each adorable illustration has been designed by the HoneyBunny Studio using digital software.

The complete set includes 46 cards in total.( NOT LAMINATED )
Each card is approx 2.5″ X 5.5″, perfect to carry anywhere.
Practice with your child during in a waiting room, on a plane, on the bus or train.
This is also a wonderful gift idea for a TEACHER or DAYCARE CENTER

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