Aeon v2

Aeon(eon): Originally means “life”, and/or “being”, though it then tended to mean “age”, “forever” or “for eternity”. Although the term aeon may be used in reference to a period of a billion years (especially in geology, cosmology or astronomy), its more common usage is for any long, indefinite, period of are very unusual!

I absolutely love the way this necklace turned out! a bold and beautiful silver vintage pocket watch movement plate with lovely etching across the entire face of it, the engraved words say: “American Watch Company” wired to a black retaining ring. As an added touch of color a single brass ratchet wheel is wired behind the plate and in front a large 10mm light sapphire Swarovski marguerite lochrose crystal which has a silver “Pendulum” supporting a 9mm light sapphire Swarovski crystal teardrop at the bottom behind it which moves back and forth with your every movement and off to the side a single 4m light sapphire Swarovski sew on crystal as the finishing touch.

Pendant Dimensions: 2 inches tall x 1 1/4 inches wide
18 inch silver plated rolo chain with a 3 inch extender chain

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