Beer Cap Coasters

These coasters are made from epoxy resin and recycled beer bottle caps. They come in a set of 4 and make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves beer, is decorating a new home, or just really hates getting rings on the table.

Each coaster is 3.75” square (9.5 cm) and approximately 3/8″ (1 cm) thick. They come with rubber feet to protect your sensitive household surfaces, and are practicably unbreakable. (Just don’t try running them over in your car or anything.) All coasters are handmade by me and may contain some variation, you may not receive the exact set shown in the photo.

About Erika Jurney

Erika Jurney is the founder of Try Handmade. She loves the handmade and wants you to love it too.


  1. I’ve been tryingnto make these for awhile now but can’t come up with the right martial to make them look really good like yours. Any tips or pointers?

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