FAQ & Contact

Why was my submission rejected?

  • You submitted more than once in a day.
  • You re-submitted something previously not accepted without improving your photo.
  • Your photo’s white balance was very off.
  • You were keyword spamming. (If you don’t know what this is, you weren’t doing it.)
  • Your photo:
    • was too small
    • was very blurry
    • was too dark
    • was washed out
    • was taken from too far away
    • had a distracting border
    • had a watermark
    • had a date stamp
  • Your submission wasn’t handmade.
    Note that my definition is different from Etsy’s. Example: gluing two mass-produced items together does not make one handmade item. Same goes for stringing a mass-produced item on a chain. Still not handmade.
  • Not one of those? Then it was just a personal judgement call of mine* but please submit again with a different item or an improved photo.
    * my least favorite part of running this site.

Can I be notified if my submission is accepted?

I wish that the Gallery was supported by a huge team of developers, but unfortunately it is just me :) If I can make this work I will, but it isn’t in the cards right now. Done! You’ll now get an email when your submission is live on the site.

What’s “Try Handmade”?

Try Handmade is my group blog where we write about beautiful handmade products every day. By submitting your items to this Gallery, you’re significantly increasing the chance of us finding your work and blogging about you.

Why was I banned?

For submitting an item which isn’t handmade, for submitting more than once a day, or some other violation of the terms.

Something else? Let me know.