Cool Cat Crochet Aromatherapy Doll

Mal the Cool Cat measures 9″ inches from his ears to his toes. He is stitched in 100% cotton and stuffed with 100% eco-friendly wool.

If you so chose, Mal can be customized with a hand sewn aromatherapy sachet. I fill these fabric sachets with organic dried flowers and essential oils. An aromatherapy Cool Cat doll is ideal for decorating smaller spaces and is also a wonderful traveling companion for children.

* Chamomile, USA – Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep

* Lavender, France – Calming, reduces anxiety, helps induce restful sleep

* Calming Blend – The best of both worlds. A soothing blend of chamomile and lavender.

My essential oils and flowers are sourced from a small business and are handmade. They are made using high quality ingredients from the parts of the world they grow best.

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