Golden Healing Light semi precious Ametrine and Citrine beaded necklace

Delicate Trinklets
Of Sheer Light*
Invited to Bask
In Spring`s Delight !

Invite the light to adorn you with this delicate strand of golden gems.

Beads of Ametrine and Citrine:

Ametrine is a combination of Amethyst and Citrine

Amethyst a powerful stone connecting to the spiritual
and Citrine a stone of light and joy inviting abundance into our lives
both make for a lovely healing experience as we walk into spring
and wish to shower our life with more light!

The necklace was beaded on a Polyester string, with a Citrine stone as a clasp to close and is held in a Cotton pouch made by myself to create a parcel of love to oneself or to a loved one as a gift!

Necklace measures: approx 48 cm long

Created with much love

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