Handmade Crochet Beard Beanie

This mens beard beanie hat is so much fun! The beard hat is also completely practical, which makes the perfect combination in a hat. It keeps your face WARM! The beard is removable, so that hat can be worn alone, too. In case you feel like going with the clean shaven look for awhile. This would make a great gift for any outdoor sportsman, for Fathers Day, or for a middle schooler (these crochet hats are a HIT with the teen crowd!) As this hat is completely handmade upon order, it will ship within 10 business days of purchase. This hat will be made just for you! If you want something different in your hat, tell me. Colors, style of hat, etc., it can all be changed to suit your fancy. This hat would look great in any color you’d like, or with stripes. And the beard can be customized as well, maybe a redhead beard? Or blonde. Or grey!

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