Handmade crocheted pink necklace

Handcrocheted finished item , red and lavender necklace, handmade by bonnie lynn embrey, No.12 raspberry

Handcrocheted and designed by me

item size 27/1/2″ circumference 5’8″wide

this beauty was crocheted by me using the finest quality crochet cotton threads size #30 two strands were used to create this lovely.

You will be so surprised as to the way this creation wears its so awesome you can only imagine the look and feel of this item so instead of imagining make it a reality own it if you will..i know i will appreciate the gesture..I’d like to think the buyer will as well..

also i crocheted a single bead as I attached the ends together , this necklace by the way is crocheted in one piece no motif attachings..this is what makes my style of necklaces so unique, so pleasure me as well as yourself and indulge your generosity…

The only bead i use in my necklaces is the one that i use to attach the ends.
Yeah i know everyone thinks it has to contain beads when one is crocheting jewelry but make no mistake about it this jewel needs no beads believe me..you will be amazed at its sheen and beauty..

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