handmade upcycled postcards

4 lovely recycled 4″ x 6″ postcards (10.5 x 15.5 cm) Made from a vintage spelling text printed in 1944. I should probably keep this for improving my spelling! But it’s in poor condition and these postcards are adorable.

Using Postcrossing.com I’ve used a lot of my own postcards. People are thrilled to get something hand made and unique.

A great way to dash off a quick note without needing to find an envelope and a piece of paper.

The pages are glued to reclaimed boxboard from items we use around the home and so these postcards are eco-friendly by increasing their use before hitting the recycle bin.

These recycled postcards Would also make an interesting background for creating an altered art piece or stamping some beautiful stamps on top.

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Erika Jurney is the founder of Try Handmade. She loves the handmade and wants you to love it too.

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