Ice in the Sunshine – Handspun Art Yarn in Fresh Colours with Beads and Ribbons

This beautifully textured art yarn was inspired by the comnination of warm sunlight and cool ice, making it a wonderful yarn for both summer and winter knitting.

This fresh and textured art yarn contains a variety of fibre, hand blended by myself: softest merino of white, watery blue and sunshine yellow, white bluefaced leicester wool, fine merino wool of a deep turquoise, bright yellow linen, and sparkling angelina (glittery fibre). I’ve also spun in pieces of an ice blue leafy ribbon, and a white sewing thread strung with facetted glass beads of yellow, deep teal, light blue and ice blue. I spun the yarn highly irregularly, and using the thread I have created an interesting, diverse texture. Nothing a machine could do! ;-)

This stunning art yarn will make a gorgeous small project on its own, or an eye-catching addition to a larger one.

86 m (94 yards)
87 g (3,07 oz)
about 4-14 wpi

Like all our yarns, this one has been handspun in a smoke free home.

About Erika Jurney

Erika Jurney is the founder of Try Handmade. She loves the handmade and wants you to love it too.

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