Jingle Shell Earrings

“Westport Chic” by Gold Coast Collections

Inspired by the latest trends of Westport, CT, this piece embodies a true sense of sophistication and fashion that defines this serene little town on the Gold Coast.

This pair of earrings features a silver plated chain and hang about 3 inches.

These earrings are made using only real, authentic Jingle Shells. Jingle Shells are a family of saltwater clams related to scallops and oysters. They are an extremely paper thin, translucent shell, with an iridescence, found in an array of colors. Some shells have a peachy, pinkish hue, others are a more yellow or pearly white.

These shells are real, and so, every shell is unique, every piece is unique. Although I reproduce the same design, no two pairs of earrings, no two necklaces are exactly alike. That gives my hand made pieces a truly rare quality.

Also, other Jingle Shell jewelry makers use either molds of the shells (making them not real), or they use the more common concave shaped shells. I use only the flat shells (they still have a slight curve but lie flat). Flat Jingle Shells are very rare. In fact, for every 100 concave shells, I will find only 1 flat shell. The reason I use the flat shells is because their colors are more pronounced, shinier, and more iridescent – I notice with the concave shells, the colors appear dull and lackluster. Most designers coat their shells with a lacquer, as do I, however the lacquer only makes them shinier, it does not add more color and iridescence to the shell.

The prices not only reflect the amount of labor and time it takes to make each piece (carefully drilling the holes so the shells don’t crack, etc….), they also reflect the rarity of each individual shell, and the amount of time it takes to find the shells, as well as sort through all the different colors of shells I find, taking great care in matching/color coordinating the shells in any given piece. You’ll notice in this pair of earrings, all four shells have a yellowish hue. Not all shells I find are of a yellowish hue, let alone that specific yellow – some shells I find are a darker yellow, or barely yellow. It is painstaking work, but it is worth it; this jewelry is truly eye catching and beautiful.

Because I use only real shells, hand picked straight from the ocean, they are delicate and should be handled with care.

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