lood Diamonds – Unique earrings made of 35 mm Film from the Collection : Geometrically Stuck / Unique Jewelry – Movie – Photograph – Red

—- Blood Diamonds are part of my second collection of unique 35 mm film earrings :
Geometrically Stuck —-

Have a little bit of movie on your ear with that handmade earring !

Film comes from old reel that nobody want anymore and which are going to be burned in a gigantic and awful fire !

The film cut or whatever it takes to give it a nice and original shape.

If you are not familiar with this material, notice that it’s incredibly light on your ear, you won’t feel any weight, so dancing or running will be much easier.

Also, even if the film seem to be fragile it’s not ! Razor blade, sharp knife, fire or scissor can cut in it, but you fingers (even if they are very very strong) cannot do anything. Let me remind you that the film is made to resist the traction of a big projector and running at 24 frames per second.

The hook is in metal but you can have it in sterling silver for an extra cost of 2 euro (about 2.5 $).

Just try it, you’ll love it !

Earrings are shipped in a cute metal box that you can reuse later, so it’s a perffect gift, even for yourself ;-)

Buy 3 pairs of film earrings and get one free.

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