Olive Oil and Goat’s Milk Handmade Soap

Soap for the purist; no scent and no color just plenty of enriching olive oil and goat’s milk ;two earthly delights that nourish and nurture all skin types.

About me:
I’m a wife, mom, and a self proclaimed soap nerd with an entrepreneurial spirit-living in Lubbock,Texas (a place best known for our expansive horizon, cotton,and as the birth place of Buddy Holly.)I guess you might say I’ve got a serious addiction to all things soap related. Come hang out, as I share my adventures in a world where chemistry meets art.

About Erika Jurney

Erika Jurney is the founder of Try Handmade. She loves the handmade and wants you to love it too.


  1. Love how the soap is a sudsy. Great idea and I don’t see it much.

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