Raw Baltic amber jewelry necklace Zigzag

Raw Baltic amber jewelry necklace Zigzag – zen necklace – brown earthy rustic – eco-friendly – wire wrapped jewelry handmade

I have made this amber necklace from Baltic amber hand gathered on the shore of the Baltic sea — it is raw, unpolished and untreated in any way, hung by brass wire wrapped details through a hand-drilled hole. This is a unique piece of jewelry.

Each piece of amber is unique in its shape and colour — each will bring you warmth and a ray of sunshine from the depths of the sea.

You will feel soft sea breeze caressing your face and the scent of pine-woods that line the shore. Enjoy wearing it!

I have made this necklace with:

* raw unpolished Baltic amber
* brass wire
* leather string
* Gutterman seed beads

The length of the pendant is about 2.4 in/6 cm. And the necklace measures 46cm (approx. 19 in)

The length of these earrings is about 3.5 cm/ 1.8in

Today we know that Baltic amber contains from 3% to 8% amber acid. Scientific tests have proven its beneficial effect on living organisms. Amber is electronegative; therefore, when it comes in contact with the body, it ionises it in a beneficial way, improving the body’s energy and electrolyte balance. Amber has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Amber and its derivatives are among the ingredients used in some contemporary medicines and cosmetics.

Over the years, natural amber has been found to calm, relax and promote good health. It’s been linked to pain relief for teething, arthritis, muscles, joints, headaches and more. The natural healing properties of amber also promote general wellness and even boost immune systems.

When an amber necklace or bracelet is placed against the skin, body temperature warms the amber. The amber then releases its natural healing oils that are absorbed into the skin and circulated through bloodstream.

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