Replica your Wedding Gown Bridal Dress

Wedding Dress might be the most memorable dress in your/her life!
Miniaturize your Bridal Gown and Create it own replica miniature dress!
Custom dress or gown for make your personalized keepsake.

Delicate work of silk ribbon embroidery and detailed dress will make one-of-a-kind wedding keepsake.

Size is 8X10, Framed miniature is easy to store or wall hanging to decorates house or Bridal shower party!
Suggesting for shadow box frame (frame is not included, but if you like to included frame please let me know)

This is perfect gift for Family, Friends, Wedding anniversary, Birthday Gift or any special occasion.

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Erika Jurney is the founder of Try Handmade. She loves the handmade and wants you to love it too.

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