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this incredibly feminine and delicat beadwork necklace with a victorian style. this gemstone cabochon turquoise jewelry is a beaded statement as a freestyle sleeping beauty tourquoise gemstone cabochon. bezeled with 24k gold miuki glass seed beads and stuning natural freswater seed pearls. the neckline is also beaded with black glass seed bead to couple the beaded pendant
this is a breathtaking natural gemstone necklace.a fine exemple of fine jewelry.
this stuning turquoise blue necklace come’s to you beautifully presented with a gift box.

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~Myth and lore of turquoise~

The name turquoise is apparently related to the fact that is was brought to Europe from the Eastern Mediterranean by Levantine traders, more commonly known as Turks. Its been used as a valuable ornament for ages and was used by the Egyptians thousands of years ago. The color is, of course, turquoise, but its range of color varies from green and greenish blue to sky blue shades
The Aztecs mined turquoise in an area now known as New Mexico and a significant amount of turquoise comes from Arizona, California and Nevada in the United States

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