Telescoping Stylus Pen in handcrafted wood

“Argos”- Named for the “Hundred Eyed Monster” of Greek legend, this slim and sleek wood pen stylus with telescoping pen will make the perfect gift for your e-savy friend on the go. The spring-loaded pen slides out when the chrome cap is unscrewed, then tucks away to fit snugly in pocket or purse.

This telescoping wood pen stylus was made from several exotic and common woods, including blue mahoe from Hawaii, Japanese camphor, cedar, black walnut, maple and others painstakingly assembled in a beautiful abstract many-eyed pattern. Argos telescoping stylus pen underwent many hours of assembly before shaping and sanding by hand on a lathe. It received a thin coat of 100% pure tung oil to make the various wood grains pop in the light before receiving 9 successive coats of durable, high-gloss cyanoacrylate to keep it looking great for years to come.

Use its soft rubber tip for extreme accuracy on your touch-screen device while drawing, gaming or hitting those tiny letter keys making notes and messages. The clip and setting are chrome, and the smooth ballpoint pen writes in black ink.

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Artisan: Bryce Piper.

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