The BeamBox

The BeamBox joins the aesthetic of reclaimed wood with modern technology to create a completely unique home audio experience. The common expression is “if these walls could talk”, we thought “what if these walls could sing”. Construction truly started on every BeamBox a century or more ago when a tree was cut down and processed by hand and axe from log to timber. Each beam then proved itself as a titan of structural support for a century or more. Today we are harvesting these beams, incorporating modern technology, and producing the coolest, most historically significant speaker you could ever own. The materials it is constructed of, to the hands that built it, and the rock, pop, and soul you may play through it. Everything about the BeamBox makes it an American artifact. The choices of home audio systems available today are endless, but how many out their function at a high level and provide a unique, truly quality aesthetic? Our state-of-the-art wireless Bluetooth speakers are housed in cabinets constructed by hand from centuries old wood reclaimed from barns. Few things compare to the beauty of wood that has aged naturally decade after decade, and we felt that there was no better way to incorporate its aesthetic and history into the home than through something you could enjoy and appreciate on a daily basis. The BeamBox is about good sound, it’s about history, it’s about making your home a more enjoyable place, and it’s about starting conversations.

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