Tree of Life Necklace, Copper Wire Wrap on Blue Sodalite Gemstone

Copper wire has been wire wrapped into the shape of the Tree of Life. The metalwork is hugging an interesting specimen of Sodalite gemstone. This Sodalite is both blue, brown and white, just like the earth. The pendant is hanging from a four strand braided black hemp chain which closes with a wire wrapped copper S-clasp.

Our Tree of Life is inspired by the most holy tree in Scotland – the Oak Tree. The Tree of Life is held sacred all over the world, in all cultures and all religions. Nothing in life is more revered than the Tree of Life!

To make wire wrap work like this take many hours and it is very delicate work. The result is a stunning design which is very durable and comfortable to wear.

This is handmade by Anarkoz Art Collective in the Highlands of Scotland.

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